When I first started this blog, I wanted to capture the essence of what goes on in my mind; I wanted to show the true dynamic nature of my brain, and make it clear that we are never the same, because we are always changing.

I feel that I am constantly evolving, as we all are, and that I am no more than the synthesis of previous thoughts, experiences, and people that have brought me to this point in my life.  As a result of these previous thoughts, experiences, and people, I felt that I was, truly, a mixture of various points of logic and thought, all to which I owe a great deal of credit.

It is, for this reason, that I thought I was being quite clever when I came up with the term “heterological.”  In my mind, it came from three word parts:

hetero – meaning “another”
log – meaning”word”
ic/al – meaning “relating to”

In my mind, I am a heterological person–one who comes from many “words,” or as I said before, a person who is simply the complexity of the sum of my predecessors and their efforts in my favor.

Oxymoron alert.  This is neither simple nor complex.  It just is.

After some new research into my perceived “new” word, I am happy to find that there are other definitions for this as well:

(1) not applicable to itself
(2) not corresponding in structure or evolutionary origin

I suppose it makes sense.  More on this later.


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