It’s easy to get down when you teach.  You constantly feel like there’s something else you could be doing, and really, there probably is always something else you could be doing.  However, with two hands, one mouth, and one brain, it really is impossible to get everything done and still maintain a healthy and sane life.

I’m taking today to celebrate.  My students finished their first expository essay, the culmination of one month of research and five weeks of well-executed writing lessons.  Here are just a few samples of EXCELLENT writing.  Note: I did not only choose high-achieving students.  Check them out!  Hopefully you can see, due to some grammatical errors, that I did NOT edit these.  100% independent and in response to instruction!

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

 Sample 3:

We do NOT give kids enough credit.  Nine-year olds ROCK when you let them!

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