It could be the weather, or it could be recent events, but I feel like, finally, after twenty-five years, I truly know what it means to be inspired and alive.

I’m curious about everything around me. Colors are more vivid, each and every stimulus is more palpable than ever before, and powerful emotion seems to be constantly pulsing through my extremities, my heart, and my head. Fear is strong, sadness is real, but happiness is overpowering, and my confidence in the future, and myself, is abundant.

And I know that was a run-on.  Strength and power cannot be confined by rules.

I want to affect, and I want to impact.  I want to be afraid, and I want to be stupid.  I want to fall in love, I want to take risks, and I want to fail.  I want to accomplish, and I want to continue to explore myself.  Because I want to learn.

And I know that was a fragment.  I guess my thoughts are fragmented right now.

I’ve always been driven, but not like this.

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