Shame, shame. I missed two days… already, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t practicing gratitude.

Since I’m doing triple duty, here goes:

I’m grateful for stories. I went to the Moth Grand Slam Story Hour the other night. Nothing like a story to help us realize how we all truly are the same in so many ways; really we all manifest the same lessons and ideas, but through different experiences.

I’m grateful that my car got hit while parked. One of my tutoring moms did it, and it gave me such a laugh! I know it sounds crazy, but I guess I needed it.

I’m grateful for the snow. I find it odd that something that only manages to cover and coat, somehow also manages to reveal more beauty in the world. I love the snow.

I’m grateful for the bitter cold. It only makes holding hands and cuddling next to someone all the more satisfying.

I’m grateful for my scarf. Because it’s stylish. #duh

I’m grateful for the hair still remaining on my head. ‘Nuff said there. Haircut looking good!

I’m grateful for Christmas traditions. Baking, frosting, and eating gingerbread cookies makes me feel at home, even in the midst of great change.

I’m grateful for new friends. New friendships reveal possibilities we thought we never had. I’m lucky to still be making new friends all the time.

I’m grateful for winter. I think it’s easy to neglect winter’s hidden value. It’s easy to get bogged down by the cold and the mess, but maybe it’s a simple reminder that sometimes things need to hibernate; maybe, in order to understand and appreciate the beauty and hope that spring embodies, the cold of winter is an absolute necessity.

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