Writing every day seems to be very difficult right now.  I suppose it’s a good thing, seeing as my personal goal currently is a heightened presence in what I’m doing at the moment.  So I’m going to take my lack of writing as a personal victory, as opposed to a shortcoming.  Double duty again…

I’m grateful for music. Last night, my friends and I went caroling through the neighborhood in West Lakeview.  While we had a wonderful time singing for a few bars and homes, I had the most fun when we were sitting in a circle practicing at my friend’s apartment.  I forgot how much music can bring people together.  I feel grateful for the bond that my friends and I have developed throughout the past 10 years or so, and I don’t think it would have been possible without sharing a love of music.

I’m grateful that my car wasn’t stolen. I had a horrifying dream last night that my car was stolen and then returned, broken and robbed of many of its parts.  I was happy to see today that my car was, in fact, NOT stolen, and just where I had left it the day before. #crazy

I’m grateful that I saw my brother todayIt’s so funny how things change.  My brother and I never got along when we were kids, and I’m happy to say that relationship has matured into something–just like everyone said it would.

I’m grateful for honesty.  I always give my boyfriend a hard time about his lack of a filter, but at the end of the day, I find that the people I am closest to are the ones who are unfiltered and unadulterated.  They’re the people to whom I feel I can say anything, because I know that they are going to reciprocate.  I think it’s important to say what we think when we think it.  The vulnerability of it all helps us grow along with our relationships.

I’m grateful that I’m accepted. My family is a lot of things, but unaccepting they have never been.  Coming out seemed like a breeze, for the most part, and I am very lucky to have a system of people that not only accept me the way I am, but wouldn’t have me any other way.

I’m grateful for a warm place to sleep.  God, it’s cold.  So cold.  A Facebook friend of mine one time went on a rant about people complaining about the cold, saying that we shouldn’t be complaining because we all have places to sleep.  I mean, I think we all complain about things that we shouldn’t–we all make mountains out of molehills, and our problems truly are relative in size, but she was right.  I couldn’t imagine not having the safety and security of a warm place to sleep.

That is all.  I’ll be sure to post tomorrow.

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