It’s funny how the end of one year and the beginning of another manages to feel like a new beginning. Perhaps a part of it is that I have two weeks off from my kiddos, or maybe it is that I get two weeks to simply detoxify my body from work and life stress.  It could even be the fact that the stress of a holidays comes to an anti-climactic close.  There’s always so much hype over it, and I even feel myself getting all worked up about it.  Before I know it, though, every single time, it seems to be over in the mere blink of an eye.

In a sense, I am grateful for the year’s end, not necessarily because something is ending, but more so because I’m grateful that something new is beginning.  The beginning of a new year simply feels more hopeful, more filled with possibility, and I find myself rejuvenated.  

I think it also reminds me that I can be grateful for change instead of always fearing it.  The temporary nature of everything in our lives has been frightening to me recently, probably because of the turmoil that seemed to be 2013, but the change of one year into the next can be symbolic of change for the better.  There has been so much change this year, but I am happy to say that I am grateful for (most of) the changes that occurred this year.

This last one is utterly unrelated to the first of my two “grateful” entries today, but today, I am grateful for common ground and understanding.  Today, I learned that, even through great differences, common ground and understanding can be found.  I learned that we can find connection with almost anyone–even those with whom we feel most at odds.  It further supports the idea that we are all connected in some intricate way–inexplicable and well beyond our threshold of comprehension.  I think when we find this understanding, we realize that things are not always what they seem on the exterior, that there is more than what meets the naked eye, and that looking at things from a different angle can open our eyes in ways we would never have envisioned.

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