Today, I’m not going to write much.  I’m going to let the kids speak for themselves.

I decided I wanted to use slam poetry as a way to help kids communicate their beliefs and values, after watching a TED Talk from Sarah Kay.  Truly, I left them alone, for the most part, aside from a short discussion on passion, rhythm, and messages.  And this is what they came up with:

“Must Move On”

The universe is infinite

We’ve gone to the moon and all the planets, but that’s just a pins compared to the universe

We, in this world, will not have infinite time to spend our lives on this blue planet

Soon we will die like every good thing ends

We will have to move on or humans will be extinct forever

When someone says she loves this planet

I say, “I love it, too,”

But we have to move on with life, and to not hold on to things forever.


There was someone new

They start in your arms and grow up to be a fighter

To keep your life awake and special

A morning that will not be wrecked

Just a sunny day that’s waiting for you

A moment that would last and you would remember

Come out from the deep gates and open the gates to a brand new beginning

If someone tells you to get off the phone, do that, and go looking for things in nature

Go looking for treasure as if it’s waiting for you and you’re the only one who has the pass code to it

Go seeking for adventure as if the word is giving you strength

Have peace and you will be in the spot of the universe

The spot that dedicates to you

Go out there, seek your adventure

Enjoy life while you still can.


I like going to my cottage

I like climbing the rocks by the side of the beach

I sit on the ledge and look out at the water

When you’re up there and the sun sets you think nothing can take you away

I have my own little place where I can hide all of my special things

It is a place where my mom says if you put something there it will never go away

When I was little I used to write mail to the fishies and throw out my little note into the water

That night I would dream of a fish reading my note

I would spend the whole day

Waiting for a response that never came.


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