We all want to be free;
free from our Insecurities,
free from any Regrets,
free from any bit of residual Pain.

But what does that freedom look like?  
Does it mean 
allowing ourselves Time to heal?
Does it mean
our Insecurities
our Regrets
our Pain?  

Probably not.  
For without the low,
it would be impossible to recognize the high,
committing Ourselves only
to lives of Mediocrity and Stagnation,
instead of lives of Euphoria,
only made possible
by the relative comparison
to Tragedy.  

So what does Freedom look like?
How do we get There?
How does one reach the point
Where Insecurity is released,
Regret is accepted,
and residual Pain assuaged?

Does craving Freedom
make It a possibility?

Is wanting Anything
enough to make It so?

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