My feet cried red tears yesterday as I trekked up San Francisco’s treacherous hills.  I dropped off my U-Haul truck and wound my way up Market Street, through some areas blessed with beauty and others littered with the world’s ugly.  My weary eyes were ready to close, and my heart sank a bit down into my chest as I realized the excitement of the day was over.  Now, I’d have to face being in this big city all by myself.

It was probably an overload of exhaustion, but I decided that I’m going to do ten days of a gratitude reboot.  Walking through the clouds and mist of San Francisco this morning wasn’t exactly conducive to a cheery mood either, so I think this will be just what I need to get me back on the path to grace and contentment.

photo(1) I’m grateful for words.  As I remember that I’m alone here in San Francisco in the physical, I am comforted by the words that make up my story.  The words I’ve written, the words I see in text messages, the words I hear via FaceTime and voicemails, and the words I’ve collected over the past year remind me that I’m never going to truly be alone.

(2) I’m grateful for a comfy bed… even though I very sillily packed all of my sheets in a box that has not yet arrived.  Yes, I slept on a bare bed last night, free of a mattress cover, sheets, and pillows.  Ironically, it was the best night of sleep I’ve gotten in weeks.  I slept for 10 hours, though, which says something.

(3) I’m grateful for safety. For I’ve never felt so trusting and content with the relationships I’ve built from so far away.  I know, without a doubt, they’ll be waiting for me when I get back, and I can honestly say that this sort of trust is something I’ve never experienced before.

Succumbing to unconventionality and embracing the uncertainty and spontaneity of life is the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

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