Yesterday was a rather uneventful day.  I bought my bike, which was pricey, let me tell you, but nonetheless, a great investment, because I was able to go on a wonderful bike ride down the Embarcadero, the road that runs along the bay in San Francisco, as well as Market Street, the street that cuts across a great deal of the city diagonally, and finally down into the Castro.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.33.20 AM

(1) Yesterday’s simplicity made me grateful for simplicity. It wasn’t a “remarkable” day by any means, but sometimes it’s good to find happiness in the present–to find contentment in simply being granted a day to exist.  After all, if every day was up to our standard of “remarkable,” the word would become meaningless–a new standard for simplicity–and truly nothing would be remarkable at all.

(2) I’m grateful for hills.  Because good golly, my butt’s going to be looking great in a few weeks.  Just kidding… kind of.

(3) I’m grateful for familiar faces.  I was able to meet up with an “old friend” yesterday in the early evening for a drink.  We sat on an outdoor patio, where I got to meet his lovely friend.  I’m grateful to have a friend here to help introduce me to a new city and some new friends.


It was a simple, and much needed, reminder that our pasts truly are conduits to our futures. 

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