A week ago this morning, I woke up for the first time in a new city, and it seems like it took that much time for the reality of all of this to set in.  I think when any big change occurs, we more or less go into “survival mode,” where we channel our instincts.  We pretty much do whatever we can to keep afloat and keep moving.  I’ve begun to feel a bit overwhelmed, not necessarily by anything in particular, but more so by the newness and uncertainty of it all.

(1) I’m grateful that I’m afloat and that I’m moving. Someone once told me that, when in a time of self-doubt or really in any time of need, one must talk to oneself in your most compassionate voice.  For me, this most compassionate voice comes out when I’m talking to my students.  When they’re overwhelmed, I tell them that they’re doing their best and that they’re right where they need to be.  So that’s what I’m telling myself.

(2) I’m grateful I have purpose. I’m already jumping into some great projects at work, and it’s really helping me to find my footing.

(3) I’m grateful that it’s Friday. Because I need the weekend. For sheezy.

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