IMG_3859It’s humbling to sit above the clouds, watching the sky turn from pale blue to deep indigo, our plane running away from Western sun.  I sat just now, absorbed in my computer, absorbed in my work, trying to maximize the time spent on this trek across the country.

But out of the corner of my eye, a red glare caught my eye.

I turned suddenly to see out the window behind me. A blanket of soft phosphorescence opaquely covered the Earth, shining a reddish tangerine color, leaving me to feel as if I was floating weightlessly in the air.  I began to think about the sun, sitting and rotating 93,000,000 miles away, its rays meeting my eyes through a refractive atmosphere, bouncing into the clouds and meeting my retinas before going to sleep for the evening.

IMG_3860Ahead of me–and ahead of our plane–I saw peaceful darkness, at the point where the clouds meet the night sky in the distance, residual bits of the of the neon red dust sitting atop the tufts of clouds, a parting gift from the slumbering sun.  As the sun waved goodbye, it shone gloriously, the silhouette of clouds providing contrast.  The moment was so fleeting, but so gratifying.

As most beautiful moments are.

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