Statement of Intent

Please read closely before using these resources.

Many of you already know my feelings about the corporatization of education. Education is a social commodity, and cost should not limit access. I firmly believe that. This is nuanced, though, because so many teachers in our country are taken for granted, either through implicit expectations to work all hours of the day or through a lack of fair compensation.

For this reason, I ask you to pay what you can. I put a lot of energy into thinking about and constructing these resources, and I believe the work that we, teachers, do should be compensated appropriately. To compensate me, you can Venmo me at @paul_emerich.

Furthermore, these resources are my intellectual property and should be treated as such. You do not have permission to adapt, sell, or share these with others unless you’ve explicitly asked for signed permission for them. If colleagues see what you have, encourage them to head to this site, download them on their own, and compensate me through Venmo.

Your support is much appreciated.


Goal-Setting Thinking Maps

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 3.03.46 PM

Hover over the link above to download these goal-setting thinking maps, as referenced in Chapter 4 of Reclaiming Personalized Learning. These maps scaffold the process of goal-setting for your students, starting with identifying strengths and obstacles, and then turning those strengths and obstacles into actionable goals. Venmo Paul here for use of this resource.

Reflection Templates

Looking to move away from meaningless grades and towards authentic feedback and assessment? Check out some of these templates (linked below), some of which are editable so you can make them your own. See my blog post that first mentions these templates here, and please remember to Venmo Paul here for the use of this resource. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 8.55.37 PMComplex Instruction Planning Templates

For use in the Annual Visible Learning Conference 2020, delivered virtually, use these template to anticipate the responses for an open-ended math task.


Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.57.40 AMSmall-Group Planning

As shared in “Three Tips for Personalizing in a Pandemic” on July 6, please see these Small-Group Planning Templates. Use one axis for heterogeneous groupings and one axis for homogenous groupings.